Tuesday, January 15, 2013


During my semester break last month, I spent very much of my time watching downloaded movies and tv series. So there's this one particular show that I find interesting and I (surprisingly) finished watching ALL 6 seasons of the show! I never actually finished watching every season of ANY tv series before. Yup. Not even Gossip Girl. So this is the first and so far, the only tv show I have seen every single episode of. The show is about lesbians, sex, and basically, life. It's kinda surprising how this sex-based kinda show could open my eyes to so many things. From friendship to dealing with crisis, this show, besides the many sex scenes, also emphasizes on the bonds of sisterhood. Like, this group of women stand up for each other no matter what or how hard the circumstances are. Even though they are a bunch of homosexuals, they are no different from us, the straight people. Okay, what interests me most isn't about the gay stuff but how super close they are. They care about each other a lot. As much as I think it's amazing, I also think that sometimes, they get into each other's businesses a little too much. Even the most personal issue you could ever think of. Then they have this hookup chart which shows the affairs/hookups among Alice's friends and acquaintances. It's insane! From this show, I also learned that people can change in a blink of an eye. Jenny was this sweet girl next door who turned gay and became super bitchy and caused troubles and died in the end. Yknow one thing about tv dramas, one moment they make you like a character so much that you couldn't have imagined s/he would ever do anything bad and the next, they throw the character into a whole different zone which makes you hate the character to the core. But that's what makes tv dramas interesting and shit. The twisted plots and endless affairs and drama. 

Okay I think I just wrote a short drama review on my blog /: I feel like a very judgmental person omg! Haha kidding, just being dramatic. It's the post-drama syndrome or whatever they call it. 

Until my next entry,

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Not Dead Yet 2.0

So umm, I have thought about deleting my blog especially during the beginning of my 3rd semester which was like in August last year. Cuz I knew I would be so freaking occupied with college. Then after a while, with assignments and all, I kinda just, forgot. Only a few days back I started logging back into Blogger and went through all my entries. I was like, okayyy. Then I remembered the initial reason as to why I started blogging in the first place. So that one day, I can look back at all the things that have happened and continue to appreciate the people in my life who have stood by me thru everything. So yeah, I decided to keep this blog :)

I am currently in my 4th semester (2nd year) of college. Even though I will be busy, I want to make blogging a weekly thing. It doesn't matter if nobody goes to my blog, I blog for myself. Blogging is one of my ways to vent, express and to share my thoughts and whatnot. To those who have been "avid" readers of my blog since god knows how long, thank you.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Not dead yet

Since I came back from my Raya vacation in Singapore, my skin has been breaking out like crayyyzy! Never in my whole entire life have I ever gone through such a crazy phase of skin breakouts. And to top it off, I had to attend my cousin’s wedding which was just next door. Haih~ I had to like endure all the “kenapa mukaaaa?!” talk. On a lighter note, I realized that people actually do care about me. They sort of like advised me and told me what to do and even shared some skincare regimen.

I have the best mom on the planet. She has helped me overcome my stress and low self-esteem. She takes care of my skin everyday. She would remind me to take my vits and put facial mask on and drink plenty of water and yknow, stuff like that. Ma, what would I do without you? :’) 

And I’m also so so sooo very thankful to have such an amazing amazingg boyfriend. He’s been so sweet to me. I became like so insecure about myself but he has helped me get through it all and he would still call me beautiful even when it’s obvious that I look like crap! And he’s not even ashamed to go out in public and be seen with me! Haha awwwh :P 

Alhamdulillah my skin is slowly getting better now. I’m so relieved! Sure it takes time but with all the advice and support I’m getting from these wonderful people, I would wait with great patience! Haha :D

Anyway, here are some pictures from the vacation :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

An update.. Finally! xD

My awkward almost-teethy smile :D

Eighteen. Wow! Such a big number. It’s unbelievable how much things have changed since high school. I’m now halfway through my second semester of college. Everything’s good so far, Alhamdulillah. I still cannot believe all these things are finally happening to me. Like, I’ve been talking about college and growing up since before I got my first period! And going through it is totally far beyond what I expected. 18 is a scary age to be. It’s the age where you’re expected to be responsible for your own actions. I feel like I’m still just a little kid. I’m still trying to find myself and know who I really am and what’s my role in life. There are still so many things to learn and explore. Just a few years back, I had this conversation with my friends about growing up and our future plans and how much we will miss each other when we go study abroad and go our separate ways and that we will still keep in touch and be close friends till we grow old. Awwwh I’m gonna tear up anytime now :’) Those things are actually happening, right now. Things happen so fast that we don’t even quite realize they are happening. One moment you’re curled up sucking your pacifier and the next moment, you’re held accountable for what you publish online and for everything you do. It’s actually kind of a fun experience. Things like this make us who we are today. Experience taught me to appreciate the little things in life. Besides experience, my mom has been the best teacher/motivator/BFF in my life. She would talk to me and give me some really useful and constructive advice. She has molded me into the person I am today. And I think she did a splendid job! (Lol I’m not praising myself here FYI :P) Apa-apa pun, this is just the beginning of my journey into adulthood. Enjoy life, take chances, be happy, and just go with the flow. Things will eventually fall into place :) 

Friday, April 06, 2012

Oh how I wish....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just some girly stuff.

Did our final presentation for this semester today. It went well, gotta loveee my teammates!  Watched This Means War with them, like finally -.- Chris Pine is sooooo hot, & dreamy, gosh! I’m such a girl. Haha well anyways, this isn’t the purpose of this blog entry. Denise and I came up with this really cool and awesome list of things to do together before we die and I thought it would be even more awesome if I blog about it :P Lolz

“List of things to do with Denise before I die”
  • Watch The Vow and The Hunger Games together
  • Go shopping together (OMG! xD)
  • Go to Starbucks (preferably at Tropicana City Mall, for certain reasons) and say "the usual" when the barista ask for our order. Ngehehe
  • Get in a cab and say "FOLLOW THAT CAR!". Haha you know, just like in the movies :P
  • Go somewhere pretty and take pretty pictures together (Denise is really good at photography btw :P)
  • Make some cover songs and put them up on Youtube

That is all that we came up with so far. There may be many many more but for now, this is all :)

Monday, March 19, 2012


College has been great so far. I’m really enjoying it (despite the workload :P). But one thing I’ve been wanting to bring up is how stereotypical some people can be about us, masscommers. I’ve heard some people say that masscomm is useless and stuff. That is not true! I mean yes we may have more fun than students from other courses do but that doesn't mean we're studying some useless crap. It’s not all about being on tv or writing journals. It’s so much more than that. The career prospects in mass comm is huge and they’re pretty rewarding as well. 

I was from science stream but I’m pursuing something that has got nothing to do with science. Some thought it's such a waste but I know what I’m doing. I mean, I’ve always liked this whole media thing. Mom & dad wanted me to become a doctor/dentist but they never force me to do things I don’t want to do. They respect my choices & decisions, always! They support me and they are always there for me in times of trouble, through the good times and bad times. Haihh what would I do without them :’)

Some people need to be a little more open-minded.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Black eyeliner, leather and studs.

Anticipating 29th of April as I’m going to be officially 18 on the next day (30th of April) AND one of my favourite bands is coming to town! Omaigosh this is so exciting! xD

Saturday, March 03, 2012

World at our feet.

Hmm wanderlust, I’ve been using this word quite frequently lately that it has become my new favourite word. If you really know me, you would know how much I loveee travelling. My family and I share the same love for travelling and discovering new places and cultures. Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved this kinda thing, like up till now, I still have this dream of becoming a travel writer. There’s something about travelling that makes me happy and feel free. 

I wanna go on a road trip, head somewhere with no plan in mind. Just me and some music; classic rock and a wee bit of metal. I wanna go to music festivals or something like warped tour and meet the locals of every town that I visit. That would be nice :) I'm so putting this on my "Things to Do Before I Die" list.

 “We need to make the best of life so that at the end of it, we can say that we’ve celebrated, faced challenges, found solutions and made a difference in the lives of people.”

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little piece of heaven.

Wow, I haven’t blogged since like….FOREVER! Well, it’s been 2 months since my last entry. I’ve been wanting to blog for sooo long and only now, I have the time. So, how are you people doing? :) My life has been pretty awesome and eventful.  So far so good.

Hmm where do I begin?...

How about I let the pictures do the talking? Since like yknow, pictures speak louder than words. And I’ve ran out of words. But I promise I will blog more often :D 

So, let the eye-feeding begin!!

2nd day of orientation. 

The three musketeers :P ♥ 

Supermodel, Amber Chia came to our college to give a talk on fashion and makeup and whatnot. I thought I was super skinny until I met her :P

I have my first midterm coming up tomorrow. Sooo, I'm gonna go study now. Till then! xx

Friday, December 16, 2011

Just another phase of life.

Isn’t it scary how fast time flies? One moment you’re just a little girl who cries over Justin Bieber and the next you’re over him and you cry over Kellin Quinn instead (or Devin Oliver). HAHAHA alright that’s kinda lame but you still get my point, right? No? :( Anyway, I had a chat about life after SPM with Nina yesterday. I told her I might enroll in college in January, and of course she was shocked, I kinda expected that. I mean, January is still too early, isn’t it? I’ll be waking up early for morning classes while most of the other 94’s kids are still on bed, dreaming away~ I am growing up too freaking fast. I think we all do. Sometimes, I don’t realize that I’m not a little kid anymore. I’ve been spending most of my time talking and lepak with my beautiful mother recently and I keep telling her that I feel so grown up and it’s just too real to not believe. It’s kinda hard to swallow the fact that I’ve finally grown into a…. LADY! When I look at myself in the mirror, I’ll go all “Omg maa look at your daughter! Dah macam orang besar!” and she goes “Dah memang orang besar dah pun.” Haha I wonder what my mom feels deep inside; like yknow, mothers, they watch us grow before their very eyes! Our first heartbeat, our first baby steps, our first word, and everything else. It must have been pretty emotional :( Whatever it is, no matter how old I get, I will always always love my mom. And of course my handsome daddy! They’ve always been there for me through EVERTYTHING! I just don’t understand why some kids hate their parents so much. I mean, parents can be a little uptight and may not understand us sometimes but duh, you won’t be here without them. 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pretty girls in pretty dresses xx

What’s more disastrous thing to do on a Wednesday morning than cleaning & tidying up my room? *sigh* Yup I finally managed to get this lazy ass up earlier than I normally do. My mom has been nagging & bugging me to no end to clean and tidy up my room. And so I finally did this morning. Phew!! So as I was cleaning and gathering used school stuff into boxes, I realized how meaningful my school days were to me. It was hard for me to let go of my school stuff; reference books, self-made flashcards, Sejarah worksets, exam papers etc. Yup call me crazy or whatever but I had a hard time choosing which box should I put my Add Maths worksheets into. Mom gave me 2 big boxes, one box to keep the stuff that I think I might need in the future and the other box to put the stuff that I don’t need anymore. I don’t know what to do with all the not-needed-anymore stuff. I mean, I don’t wanna throw it away just like that, it would be such a waste. Thought of selling them at very low prices. My books are still very neat and clean! :D

Oh and prommm! Prom was nice. The committee members did a splendid job organizing the event. The performances were awesome, the food, the setting and everything was just perfect! Omg my friends were all so gorgeous and beautiful that night, dressed to the nines. I would totally flirt with them if I could. Lol! I was so happy to see my old friends again, after years of separation; Liya, Wawa and of course Nadhirah. Not forgetting my two best friends, Farsha & Aiman, the inseparable couple -.- So...okay, I’ll let the pictures do the talking now :D

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hi! :)

I’m finally back to life!!!!  Haha okay.  I have like tons of stuff to share with you guys but I just don’t know where to begin :/

Well okay, lets start with SPM, hehe. I was so caught up in exams and studying I haven’t had any time to actually blog. I mean, not that anyone reads my blog anyway. But yknow, just in case someone comes across this page. Besides, my blog has been such a downer lately :( So yup, SPM was okay. A lot of people have been asking me, how was it blabla and everything. It was….. ummm just okay? I don’t know haha. It’s finally over, that is all I know. Alhamdulillah. After 11 years of being a “budak sekolah”, I am finally free. It feels like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Sounds a liiiittle dramatic but that’s the truth. Lol I’m such a drama queen aren’t I? :p Years of studying and preparing ourselves for THIS, and BAM! It ended! Just like that! Like yknow, it all happened so fast :O It’s amazingly unbelievable! Now that I have aaaall the time in the world, I shall use it well. Family have planned another year-end trip, with my best friend’s family. Ahhh this is so exciting! My family (mom especially) have been soooo freaking supportive of me. Haih life is good (Y) I am so so sooo thankful for my family. Couldn’t ask for more :’) As the famous saying goes, blood is thicker than water. 

Farewell, finally :')

Friday, November 11, 2011

We are beautiful in every single way, words can't bring us down.

I love those type of friendships that don’t require a lot of effort. We may not see each other as much as we want to or talk as much as we used to, but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re friends no matter what. They can do their own thing and I can do my own thing. What’s important is that whenever we do see each other again, we can pick up right from where we left off without making it awkward. Any friendship that works out like that is a friendship worth having. "

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Class lunch.

Meet Kit Mun. We've been classmates and best friends for 5 years now :')

Fazreena & Aqilah

Miloh the Nun O:) Lol

Wow look at us!! We've grown closer every day. We've gone thru so much & I think that's what brought us together. I know I can get really bitchy sometimes but everyone can be a bitch sometimes, like duh! You can't expect everyone to be nice to you like all the freaking time. We're only human after all :) So yup, I'll never forget all the memories we've had. You people are so frrreaking awesome. xx

(Thank you Ranina Rom for the pictures. I had soooo much fun shopping with you *winks*)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Someone Like You :p

You know what's sweet? 
When my best friend leaves her toothbrush in my bathroom so she can use it whenever she comes over :') 
When she sticks heart-shaped post-its all over my bedroom wall with cute little notes written on them :') Now tell me how can I not love her! 

I don’t want to sound cheesy or whatever but I love this girl like, so freaking much. She is honestly irreplaceable. A best friend like her is hard to find, I swear! I don’t know what I would do without her. One day without her annoyingness seems pretty hard to get by, ugh! Not seeing one another for more than a week is a MASSIVE deal for both of us but yknow, we try to cope ;) *hugs

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Endless drama *le sigh*

It’s funny isn't it? How one moment you're friends, do everything together and the next, things change, you both become complete strangers. You pass them without even saying hello, not even taking a second glance at one another. A beautiful friendship, wasted, just like that. Wait, it was never beautiful but…whatever. They say “through every mistake comes a valuable lesson learnt.” So yup, I’ve learnt not to put my whole freaking trust in someone, not to tell my deepest, darkest secret to some innocent-looking people cuz looks can be quite deceiving. Truth is, everyone talks behind each other’s back. Even I do it sometimes. I guess that's just the way life is. You don't need to act like some angels sent from heaven or whatever. I’m sorry if anyone terasa or anything, I swear this post is for no one in particular. Peace ^.^v